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Kir Royal

Italian Job


Porn Star

Piná Colada


Sex on the beach

Strawberry Daiquiri




Woo Woo

Sex on the beach

Long Island Iced Tea


Old Fashion

(other cocktails available on request)


Angelo Poretti – Half Pint / 3.25

Angelo Poretti – Pint draft NR 3 abv 4.8% / 6.0

Moretti draft – Half Pint / 3.25

Moretti draft – Pint / 6.0

Brooklyn IPA draft –  Half Pint abv 5.5% / 4.5

Brooklyn IPA draft – Pint / 7.0

Shed Head draft – Half Pint abv 4.8% / 4.5

Shed Head – Pint / 7.0

Zero alcohol beer 330ml / 4.5


The Tauton – Bottle 500ml / 6.5


Liquers – 50ml / 8.5

Spirits – 50ml / 8.5

(All liquor and spirits served double unless stated)

Mixers / 2.5


All soft drinks / 3.5

(ask for full selection)

Fruit Juices / 3.0

(ask for full selection)

Fresh Juices / 5.5

(ask for full selection)

Acqua Panna Mineral Water – 75cl / 4.5

San Pelegrino Sparkling Water – 75cl / 4.5



                                                                                                       Glass      Glass    Bottle

                                                                                                       175ml    250ml      75cl

Gio Bianco Veneto (V)

A clean crisp and refreshing dry white wine.                              6.55       8.25         21.5

Roceno Grillo

A delightful grape grillo crisp and dry, well balanced with soft supple flavours.

                                                                                                             6.85       8.95          22.50

Verdicchio Del Castelli De Jesi Classic Piersanti – Marche (V)          

A youthful light and fresh wine that is dry zingy on the palate.  7.50     9.75        27.95      

Mandorla Fiano Puglia (V)                                                                                          

A zingy and light bodied white wine that has a delicate fruit and floral aromas. 

and floral aromas.                                                                                                           29.95 

Pinot Grigio Campe DOC                                                                    

Light yellow notes reminiscent of ripe fruits (white peaches, pears and mature chamomile). Mingle of sweet notes of vanilla deriving from the refinement in the oak. Flavour harmonious, elegant and refined.                             6.85        9.95      31.95

Esk valley Sauvignon – Marlborough NZ                                                

An intensely aromatic wine bursting with ripe passion fruit and citrus flavours.  Full bodied with a crisp finish.                                                                  7.50       11.95.  37.50

Pecorino IGT                                                                                                                 

A strong yet delicate white wine with notes of flowers, citrus fruits and exotic fruit.  Well bodied with a good structure.  A fresh and slightly mineral finish.               34.50

Gavi Di gavi aI Poggio                                                                                                          

A dry white of superior quality made from 100% cortese grapes. Straw yellow in colour with bright green reflections, the aroma is intense and refined with fruity and flowery scents. The pallet is with a fresh acidity and good structure. Perfect when served with appetizers or with a main meal fish and white meats.                       45.0

Fiano Salento IGT Masseria Capoforte                                                                             

Yellow with green highlights rich bouquet with subtle elegant fragrances. Ripe fruit and citrus predominate with citrus and lemon, followed by chamomile and floral notes of wild flowers.  Full bodied and complex on the pallet. With a judicious acidity and leisurely, full flavoured finish overall very harmonious.                                    42.50

Cervaro Della Sala 2016                                                                                                

A light straw yellow with greenish highlights expresses rich complex and intense aromas.  The notes of a citrus fruits pears and acacia flowers are in perfect balance with the sweet and spicy motes of vanilla.  The pallet is supple but vibrant, elegant and well structured, characterised by the classic mineral sensations and by the light notes of hazelnut butter.                                                                                              149.00


                                                                                               Single Serve 20cl.     Bottle

                                                                                                     10.50                     29.50

Prosecco Vignana Extra Dry – Treviso                                                               

A delicious dry sparkling wine with a crisp acidity and plenty of green fruit character.



                                                                             Glass 175ml   Glass 250ml   Bottle 75cl 

Gio Rosato                                                                                           

A straightforward off dry, pink and fruity.           5.75                      7.95            23.5   

Pinot Grigio  Rosato – Veneto (V)                                                          

A fresh and youthful off dry wine that has a lovely rose petal pink colour.

                                                                                   5.95                         9.50           29.0

Costaripa Rosa Mara                                                                                                    

Is a fresh and fragrant rose pale pink in colour.  The nose reveals beautiful notes pomegranate, hawthorn and  black cherry a delicate also an elegant olfactory profile that opens to a silky harmonious wide taste.  A light sapidity delineates the stretch up a closure of excellent cleaning.                                                                            59.0


House Champagne                                                                                                       69.0

Laurent Perrier Rose                                                                                                 107.5

La cuvee rose was create in 1968 from the boldness and knowhow of the  house Laurent Perrier.  Perfected at each stage of its making.  Cuvee rose is acknowledged for its consistency and its high quality.  It’s characterized by its ripe red fruit aromas, a high intensity and great freshness. 

(Other champagnes available please ask a member of our team)


                                                                                                       Glass      Glass    Bottle

                                                                                                       175ml    250ml      75cl

Gio Rosso                                                                                           6.55      8.25       21.5

A soft approachable red, fruity and light.                                   

Roceno Nero D’avola                                                                     6.85        8.95      23.5

Ripe plum, blackcurrant and spice aromas are immediate; with a palate of dark fruits that gives a smooth and supple finish.                                

Merlot Ponte De Piave Venento (v)                                           7.95           9.75   25.95

A bright red wine with the violet reflections fresh and fruity agreeably soft.

Negroamaro Vitti Cantine San Marzano –Salento (V)           7.5         11.5         32.8  

A full bodied red wine that is piled high with rich ripe dark fruit.  

Aglianico Beneventano 2019 Vesevo                                        8.95         12.5        39.9  

A complex and intense red wine with black cherries, raspberries and spicy notes with Vanilla.  Full bodied and dry on the palate, firm yet smooth tannins

Andean Vineyards Malbec – Mendoza Argentina                     7.75       11.5      36.5

A mid bodied and warming red wine that has a good attack of damson spiced aromas. 

Chianti Classico Alcicanto DOCG                                                    7.5         12.5     39.0

Deep ruby red, full bodied and elegant with scents of violets and Vanilla.

Cannonau Nepente DOC                                                                                               42.0

This full bodied velvety smooth Cannonau hall from the island of Sardinia but is better known for its alternative grape named grenash. Produced from the best selection of Cannonau grapes selected from the sunny vineyards of the town. 

Primitivo Salento IGT Masseria Capoforte                                                               42.5

A fantastic wine winner of numerous awards.  Produced from a selected vineyards in the Puglia region south of Italy.  Velvety texture and rounded  mouth feel, yet crisp it concludes with a laced finish with fragrant cocoa powder, espresso bean and vanilla.  

Ripasso Della Valpolicella DOC                                                                                     49.0

A superior wine from Veneto produced from the grape variety used to make the famous amarone wine.  Ruby red with a bouquet of rich red fruits.  The palate is bursting with flavours of plum and cherries, surrounded with a pleasant unassuming hint of spicy oak.                                                                                           

Bolgheri DOC Rosso                                                                                                      74.0

Antillo is our bolgheri rosso characterized above all by the prevalence of Sangioves.  It has historical variety of the territory, present in our vineyardsat least since the mid nineteenth century, in a documented way.  Sangiovesse has almost completely disappeared in Bolgheri, especially since the late 80’s but for us it was important to keep it up as part of our roots. 

Barolo Terre Del Barolo Piedmont                                                                              79.0

This brick red wine has a complex woody nose, with a lingering flavour of liquorice on the palate.

Casa Di Grazia Vitorya 1607                                                                                          75.0

1607 Victoria Henriquez gives to her colonists a mission to cultivate vineyards. After four centuries Maria Grazia evoking her figure creates Vitorya.  From the limpidity of its cherry red colour to the fragrance notes of strawberry and Indian fig you can get the velvety tannins. 

II Bruciato                                                                                                                          89.0

The 2016 Bruciatto offers an intense ruby rd colour.  On the nose, the Aromas Of ripped red berry fruit, sweet spice and a light fresh minty note are the most prominent  sensation.  The palate is well structured, persistent ad very pleasurable in its fruity finish and aftertaste.  

Amarone Terre Dei Capitelli                                                                                          95.0

Dry Italian red wine from the Veneto region.  Directly after harvest.  The Grapes  are air dried through a process called “appasimento”, which allows them to shrivel  into raisins.  This concentrates the sugar and flavours in the grapes, producing a distinctive and full bodied wine well suited to ageing.


Pogio Al Vento Brunello Di Montalcino Riserva DOGC                                          £250

Complex, smart and elegant wine.  The typical aromas of the Sangiovevese are balanced by the classic spicy aromas originating from the long ageing in a barrel.  Powerful and harmonic.  The tannins are ripe and enveloping, well balanced with a pleasant acidity.  Fruity long lasting aftertaste

 Tignanello                                                                                                                         £295

The 2015 Tignanello is a very intense ruby red in colour.  On the nose, the perfect balance with the hunts of chocolate and liquorice.  The palate is rich, ample and vibrant and is endowed with lively and silky tannins which give a great complexity and an important length to the finish and aftertaste. 

Sassicaia 2015                                                                                                                  £495

Bright and mineral note with delicate summer fruits.  Full and fresh with a Sumptuous fruit explosion of cherry and blackberry on the palate before a whack of tertiary characters clack olive, dark chocolate, liquorice and toffee.  There a vanilla and cedar too from the oak and sticky tannis that are very prominent but nicely integrated.  

Solaia                                                                                                                                 £700 

This is a fined tuned expression that shows a focused sense of detail and careful attention.  The quota of cabernet franc has been upped by a hair and this makes a big difference especially in the terms of the wine bouquet otherwise this celebrated Tuscan blend is mostly cabernet sauvignon with Sangiovese.  It opens to dark fruit aromas with cruse mineral, pipe tobacco pressed flower and toasted spice.  It appearance is midnight black and profound. 

The wine delivers a sense of sheer excitement and nervousness that will subside with another few years of bottle age.  The tannins are chiselled to the pint of sublime integration.  Marchesi Antinori made 40% less Solaia in this vintage in order to maintain the quality you taste.

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